Cafe Spiaggia

This past weekend, my wife & I celebrated our birthdays together.  We decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at Cafe Spiaggia.  True, it is not as nice as its sister restaurant Spiaggia, it was still much nicer than the places we usually go to since our son was born.

Given that Spiaggia is considered to be the best Italian restaurant in town (and supposedly the favorite restaurant of the Obama’s), we had high expectations.  A lot of times, the places we go to end up disappointing us.  I am glad to say though that Cafe Spiaggia met and exceeded our expectations.

Our favorite dish of the night was the sardines appetizer.  It was perfectly balanced and nicely seasoned.

At the end of the night, we were given a dining certificate because it was our birthdays, and most likely we will be going back in the near future.

If you would like to see a larger sized image or buy a print, click on the photo to visit my photography website.

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